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Staying Warm in Winter

Bitter cold temperatures. Icy winds. Blowing snow. Winter has many ways of exposing you to the cold. But just because the winter weather is cold, doesn't mean you have to be. When the mercury drops, Mr. Goodair advises you try these tips — they'll keep you toasty and warm.

While this might be an obvious tip, layering your clothes works the best. Wear quite a lot of thin layers because then you can trap the air in between the layers. It also means layers of clothing can be removed once someone is warmed up. The real key to handling the cold is layers of clothing — scarf, hat, gloves, jumper, coats, etc. Always make sure you have a back-up coat at work for any extra layer required.  

COVER UP Any part of the body which is exposed will feel the chill, which means the hands and ears often feel the coldest. The back of the neck and lower back are the parts that are susceptible to the cold, and it is recommended that we cover those to feel warmer.    


Welcome to Mr Goodair's new blog, Mr Goodnews!

Hello and welcome to Mr. Goodnews, Mr. Goodair's blog forum!

Mr Goodair is a South Australian owned and operated air conditioning service company with over 100 years combined industry experience within its walls. 

Our service technicians have experience and expertise that covers most facets of the Air Conditioning industry. Specialising in Service, Repairs, Diagnosis, Break Down, Evaporative Start Up/Shut Down and Ductwork repairs and replacement means that Mr Goodair is equipped to handle all your home Air Conditioning service requirements.

It is our philosophy that trust is the most important aspect of the service we provide. Not only being able to trust the quality of work, but also to be safe in the knowledge that our recommendations and work are performed to the best industry practices and guidelines. We endeavor to provide the best service possible in a safe, helpful and informative way.  So, that being said. always check back here and at our website regularly to keep up-to-dat…